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After completing my mentorship assignment, I reflected on my experience and how great it was. I am very fortunate to have a mentor like Lorraine,she taught me a lot and inspired me to teach from outside the four walls of the classroom. Please take some time to view my interview below.


Tech Task #11: My Future Classroom

With a few weeks left of University this question is on my mind quite a bit, as I’m sure it is with others.
Having my mind on Early Childhood I think a lot about classroom set up and what to include in my room. Someone whose blog I follow and has been a great inspiration as I think about my own classroom is Matt Gomez. Matt is a kindergarten teacher who understands the value and importance of play as well as teaching to the children through play. Dramatic Play area is an important aspect in early childhood, Matt changes his dramatic play centre frequently, here are some pictures from his blog.



He also provides great insight on technology used in a kindergarten classroom. Browse his blog below:

We also had the privilege of Kathy Cassidy speaking to our class. I had the opportunity to visit her classroom during my Internship and the use of technology in her classroom is phenomenal. I love that she uses blogs in grade 1/2 and she is a great example of how to use this technology.

I also appreciate the furniture in her classroom. She has coaches and chairs, as well as a tent that the children are welcome to sit in during different activities in the day. What a relaxing atmosphere this provides for her students, something that I definitely want in my classroom.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, after talking to Heather Durnin, Royan Lee, and Clarence Fisher I picked up a few tools that I would love to incorporate in my future classroom. One would be a classroom radio station. I believe this would be a great way to show over schools what the students are learning as well as communicate with others as well.


I also loved the idea of having each student work in a thinking book. These books would not be assessed and the students would be free to write, doodle, brainstorm and work on projects however they wish.

Lastly, after working with my Mentor, Lorraine Leo, I and learnt a lot about that program Scratch. This program can be used with any grade, and has varying levels of difficulty. I believe this would be a great tool for my future students to use.


Turtle Hibernation



Tech Task #10: Middle Years Technology

This past week we had the priviledge to have three middle years teachers join us in an online session and talk to us about how they use technology in their classrooms. This is what I picked up…

Heather Durnin:
This middle years teacher used plenty of technology in her classroom! The one thing that I loved, and would love to doin my own classroom someday was creating a radio station. I think this is a great way for classes to communicate from around the world in a different way.

Royan Lee:
Royan mentioned plenty of technology he uses in his classroom, but I appreciated how Royan also mentioned the “technology” he uses at isn’t typical… Specifically, his thinking books. He explained that each student has a thinking book to doodle in, make notes, lists, projects, and brainstorm. I think it is great for students to have a place to write their thoughts and ideas without a fear of being assessed.

Clarence Fisher:
Lastly, Clarence mentioned different projects he had done in his class. The one that spoke to me was called “Stalking in English Class.” This project taught his students the difference between being safe on the Internet vs. being private. The students were to research different people (all of which had a strong presence on the Internet, and all new they were going to be “stalked” by this class). The students found not only professional information but personal information as well. Such as, phone numbers, family members, where they live, etc. This is a great project to show students how easy it is for people to find you on the Internet, and how important it is to be safe on the web.

Mentorship… The End Is Near

I am nearing the end of my mentorship and wanted to share with you a couple of the projects the students created for me. I embedded the link for you to go and watch their videos. Now the grade 6 students took a Haiku about living near the ocean and created an amazing Scratch project. I was working with a girl named Grace, Wow what an amazing teacher… This is what she made. (Click on image to see the animation, click and drag the purple snail…)

Scratch Project

A student who came to the USA a year and a half ago from Berlin, and is still learning the English language made this.. (Click the image to see the animation)

Scratch Project

It was amazing to see their creations and how a student who is still learning our language can speak through technology like this.

Lastly, I thought I would share a picture my Coop took of a class of Kindergartens taking a Brain Break to my Zumba dance! They loved it!



Children’s Zumba

Since I have a passion for inspiring children to be active, my Coop and I thought it would be a great idea for me to put together a video for the children to use as a Brain Break or a Movement Break, incorporating both my teaching and fitness instructing background into one!
I decided to do a video on Children’s Zumba, in my experience, this has always been a big hit that all of the children have fun with! I decided to put my embarrassment aside and share the video with you.. Enjoy!

Tech Task #9: Google Yourself!

Before googling myself I was nervous about what I was going to find… I had no idea what to expect. This is what I found:


Websites I was a part of! It showed that this blog, twitter,, Bellyfit(fitness), and Facebook. The one thing that made me a little bit scared was the pictures on images. But once I clicked on images that only images shown were ones I have posted on my blog, YouTube, and profile picture in twitter and

I enjoyed googling myself and I am happy with what I have found!