Tech Task #11: My Future Classroom

With a few weeks left of University this question is on my mind quite a bit, as I’m sure it is with others.
Having my mind on Early Childhood I think a lot about classroom set up and what to include in my room. Someone whose blog I follow and has been a great inspiration as I think about my own classroom is Matt Gomez. Matt is a kindergarten teacher who understands the value and importance of play as well as teaching to the children through play. Dramatic Play area is an important aspect in early childhood, Matt changes his dramatic play centre frequently, here are some pictures from his blog.



He also provides great insight on technology used in a kindergarten classroom. Browse his blog below:

We also had the privilege of Kathy Cassidy speaking to our class. I had the opportunity to visit her classroom during my Internship and the use of technology in her classroom is phenomenal. I love that she uses blogs in grade 1/2 and she is a great example of how to use this technology.

I also appreciate the furniture in her classroom. She has coaches and chairs, as well as a tent that the children are welcome to sit in during different activities in the day. What a relaxing atmosphere this provides for her students, something that I definitely want in my classroom.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, after talking to Heather Durnin, Royan Lee, and Clarence Fisher I picked up a few tools that I would love to incorporate in my future classroom. One would be a classroom radio station. I believe this would be a great way to show over schools what the students are learning as well as communicate with others as well.


I also loved the idea of having each student work in a thinking book. These books would not be assessed and the students would be free to write, doodle, brainstorm and work on projects however they wish.

Lastly, after working with my Mentor, Lorraine Leo, I and learnt a lot about that program Scratch. This program can be used with any grade, and has varying levels of difficulty. I believe this would be a great tool for my future students to use.


Turtle Hibernation



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