Tech Task #10: Middle Years Technology

This past week we had the priviledge to have three middle years teachers join us in an online session and talk to us about how they use technology in their classrooms. This is what I picked up…

Heather Durnin:
This middle years teacher used plenty of technology in her classroom! The one thing that I loved, and would love to doin my own classroom someday was creating a radio station. I think this is a great way for classes to communicate from around the world in a different way.

Royan Lee:
Royan mentioned plenty of technology he uses in his classroom, but I appreciated how Royan also mentioned the “technology” he uses at isn’t typical… Specifically, his thinking books. He explained that each student has a thinking book to doodle in, make notes, lists, projects, and brainstorm. I think it is great for students to have a place to write their thoughts and ideas without a fear of being assessed.

Clarence Fisher:
Lastly, Clarence mentioned different projects he had done in his class. The one that spoke to me was called “Stalking in English Class.” This project taught his students the difference between being safe on the Internet vs. being private. The students were to research different people (all of which had a strong presence on the Internet, and all new they were going to be “stalked” by this class). The students found not only professional information but personal information as well. Such as, phone numbers, family members, where they live, etc. This is a great project to show students how easy it is for people to find you on the Internet, and how important it is to be safe on the web.


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