Children’s Zumba

Since I have a passion for inspiring children to be active, my Coop and I thought it would be a great idea for me to put together a video for the children to use as a Brain Break or a Movement Break, incorporating both my teaching and fitness instructing background into one!
I decided to do a video on Children’s Zumba, in my experience, this has always been a big hit that all of the children have fun with! I decided to put my embarrassment aside and share the video with you.. Enjoy!


5 thoughts on “Children’s Zumba

  1. KB

    I LOVE this. Kudos Amanda- fantastic idea, fantastically courageous! What a great brain break idea, and a way to get our kids interested in being physically activity!

  2. willjess2013

    Wow! that is awesome! First off, I love Zumba! Second, I love that song! Thirdly, I love that you incorporated something very fun such as Zumba into brain breaks! Very neat idea! Great job!


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