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Tech Task #8 Part 2: QR Code

This was my first QR code and I have always wondered how to make one. QR codes allows people to inform others of many different things by a quick scan with their phones. I decided to keep my theme for tech task #8 and created a QR code about the campaign the Special Olympics and Best Buddies has put on about the use of the r-word. Check it out!




Tech Task #8 Part 1: E-Mail Blogging

I am posting this blog via E-mail. I am not quite sure if this will work or not but here it goes..

I wanted to blog about a campaign that the Special Olympics and Best Buddies are teaming up to put on. The want to put an end to using the “r-word.” This is something that I have been passionate about for quite a while and am very happy this campaign has begun. Using the “r-word” has made it’s way into many people’s vocabulary and it is unacceptable, not to mention the image you are portraying of yourself. To often is this word used in a casual conversation.. This needs to end.

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Tech Task #7 IFTTT

I found using IFTTT quite easy. The steps were easy to follow, and I love the lay out of “if this than that.” This is the recipe I created:


This way, everything I Instagrammed a photo, it would show up on Facebook with a link to the photo. I tested this out by instagramming a photo from my mentorship…


…and this is what showed up on my Facebook.


It worked fabulously! This tool is wonderful, and very user-friendly.