Standardized Testing…

Wasn’t our government just all for differentiated instruction… Standardized tests do nothing for that topic. Not to mention they just flew in someone from Finland to talk about how and why Finnish schools are surpassing all others, one of the reasons being they have gone away with standardized tests.
Teachers are going to start feeling the pressure and start to teach for the test and who is going to suffer? Our students. Standardized tests are created for standardized people, and who is standardized anyways. Standardized tests create standardized people…

Good-luck to all of my fellow Saskatchewan teachers out there… Or should I say good luck to the students?



One thought on “Standardized Testing…

  1. Kendra

    I agree Amanda. Talk about pressure! Not only on teachers, but on students as well! Our whole program has been on differentiation, teaching to individuals, teaching in context, making learning relevant- how do standardized tests accomplish any of that?? It’s frustrating to know we are being taught to teach one way, and then when we are at the point to actually begin our careers, we are facing issues such as these that will definitely have many looking at their teaching strategies.


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