Tech Task #5: Storytelling and Creation

OuterSpacing It:

This is Dragulus. She is the queen of planet Dragus. She, and all of the aliens she reins over, enjoy spending their days swimming in lakes and readings romance novels on the beach. On Dragus, they flash photos of the aliens visiting their planet on billboards around the beaches on Dragus, this is a photo of Dragulus posted at the entrance of the planet for all visitors to see upon arrival.

What’s The Meme:


What’s In A Name:
My full name is Amanda Lea Leik. My first name, Amanda, was chosen the day parents seen me. My parents were told that they were having a boy, so in preparation for their “boy” coming they chose a name, Kylan. When I was born, much to their surprise, I was a girl. My parents did not want to name me Kylan, but as soon as they held me they both agreed Amanda should be my name.
My middle name was named after my Mom’s best friend. Growing up on a farm it was difficult to drive into town to meet up with friends so most days my Mom met up with her friend Lea. To this day, even though Lea lives in Calgary, they talk every night and visit each other once a year.
My last name, Leik, pernounced “like” has a German origin and travelled to Canada with my Great-grandparents.


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