For my mentorship project I have been paired up with Lorraine Leo. A teacher of technology at Jackson School in Newton, MA. I have had the opportunity to Skype in with her last week to introduce myself, and learn a little about what she does. I have had the privilege of, already, gaining many useful resources from her. Her students are working on projects on a program called Scratch. This is a program that her grade 1’s are working on. It is a fabulous program that allows people to create and share their own interactive story. The children in her classes have the the privilege from Skyping in with people from all over the world from Russia to Japan. I had the opportunity to become a part of a 3-way Skype call with a musician by the name of Josh. Josh creates renditions of classic lullaby s that the children are currently studying. They’re taking one of his songs and creating a Scratch video with it.

What am I doing? We have discussed me Skyping in on Tuesdays with a grade 1 class and Wednesdays with a grade 6 classroom. This week I am just meeting the children and allowing them to ask me any questions they’d like. Next week, I will be reading a story with the grade ones and inviting them to play interactive online game with me. For the grade 6’s, I will be reading the story, “If Your Not From The Prairies” by David Bouchard. From here, I will be creating a google presentation for the children to see my take from the book, using my own pictures. The children will then choose a poem about living close to the ocean and put some pictures to it as well!

I am very excited to begin this project and look forward to learning all I can from Lorraine and her students.



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