Inner Strength


I have been reflecting lately on the “craziness” of final semester and getting ready for the real world.. It is about this time in all of my semesters that I begin feeling overwhelmed. I constantly struggled to find my inner strength to get through, but as always, I make it through. As I taught my Tuesday night spin and core class I realized that through my fitness classes I find my inner strength. I am confident teaching and find that I release a lot of stress and tension during these classes. I can honestly say that I find joy, comfort, and relief in watching my participants fight through whatever I throw at them. Just like the school semesters, they fight through it and come out on top, always. Coming to classes and hearing there stories encourages me and makes me see what a difference I am making in their lives. I realize that, as a teacher, I will be making a difference in many children’s lives too. I will be making it part of my job to help them find their inner strength to get through whatever they may be facing, whether it is school work, home life, friends, etc. We all have that inner strength that drives us, what’s yours?


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