Tech Task #3: Networking

As I previously blogged, I attended #Kinderchat and had a phenomenal experience. This has influenced me on choices I have made in people to follow on twitter and blogs to follow. Since my chat I have started following 3 new blogs.
The first blog I now follow is, This blog is “headquarters” for #Kinderchat. This blog not only helped guide me into the chat but also blogs daily about different activities going on n the Kindergarten world. The cool thing about this blog? Not just one person posts! Each day the blog is from a new teacher somewhere in the world tha shows us a glimpse into his/her classroom! It also allows you to go and browse different blogs this way. It is fabulous.

I also started following Matt Gomez at Matt instantly welcomed me to #Kinderchat and his blog has great posts about new technology to incorporate into the classroom, new ideas in the kindergarten world, as well as a look into his own classroom!

The third blog I began to follow was I had the privilege of interning in the same school as Kathy and had an opportunity to spend the day in her classroom. It is amazing how she incorporates technology in her classroom of such young learners (grade 1/2)! This blog is great to see all of the different things she does with her students as well as how her students blog too!

I also began following a few more people on twitter…
Matt Gomez- @mattBgomez
Michelle Hiebert- MauiMickey
Heidi Echternscht- @hechterncht
Miss Night-@happycampergirl
Kathy Cassidy- @kathycassidy
Fitness and Nutrition- @FITNESS
Dr. Justin Tarte – @justinetarte
Vicki Cardwell- @Portico_Poppets
Blake Everhart- @YCS_Tech
Leah Whitfield- @leah_whit

I began following most of see people because I connected with them during #Kinderchat. Many of me provided insights and answered questions when they came up. I have collaborated with many of the people above and am happy that I began following them. Others I chose to follow, such as Dr. Justin Tarte, I seen many educators retweet him. He provides inspirational teaching quotes and great insight into many topics. I decided t follow Fitness and Nutrition to help me with my current job. Fitness and health are important to me, which is why I became a fitness instructor. I hope that they will provide me with insights t help keep my classes fresh and motivating.


One thought on “Tech Task #3: Networking

  1. Dean Shareski (@shareski)

    I think your choices here are not only well founded but will serve you in the future as you’ve already made a connection with them. Blogs can be wonderful ways to find great ideas and challenge your thinking but they go from good to integral when you add a personal connection to those that are sharing. That sounds simple and perhaps obvious but I’ve seen too many people subscribe to all kinds of content online without understanding it’s different from buying a book or watching a video. These are real people who you can learn from by interacting with them. That’s fundamentally different than the way most people have thought of networks.


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