I had my first experience with a twitter chat last night.  I tuned into #Kinderchat because it was a group of educators in a Kindergarten classroom, which is the age group I am hoping to teach.  I had never been a part of a twitter chat before, but luckily they had a blog to help me navigate: http://www.kinderchat123.net/2011/01/newbies-guide-to-kinderchat.html?m=1. This made it simple for me.  I used http://www.tweetchat.com and was instantly a part of the chat.  I was immediately welcomed to the chat.  The topic of discussion was dealing with difficult co-workers,  I felt comfortable and safe in this group so I contributed when I felt like I could provide some insight. I instantly could tell that this group was a community of educators that were there for one another to provide guidance or support when needed.  All participants were thankful to have a group of teachers to contribute ideas with, since some are not finding this in their own schools.  I feel privileged to become a part of this community and am looking forward to collaborating with #Kinderchat in the future.


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