Pre-K Expansion


Since I have my certificate in Early Childhood Education and hope to be teaching my own Pre-K classroom one day, I came across this article that interested me. Enjoy!



4 thoughts on “Pre-K Expansion

  1. Garett M

    When pre-k is expanded, I am interested in the infrastructure issues that exist. With recent schools closures made in some districts in an effort to to make the most efficient use of dollars as possible, will funding be adequate for renovations to existing buildings to accommodate more learners in a school? Time will tell. I love the message of expansion of pre-k, I just hope all of the logistics have been thought of.

  2. aleik03 Post author

    Great insight Garett. I hope they have worked it out as well. We need to get away from Pre-K being an intervention program and allow more children to be allowed in. It is a fabulous program.

  3. Kendra Kerrigan

    I’m curious how pay scale will work for Pre-K teachers. Will it depend on education experience? What will the requirements be for those wishing to teach in their own Pre-K classroom? I have a friend in Ontario with an Education Degree who teaches in a Pre-K classroom, and she claims to be on a different pay scale than the other teachers in the school because she “only teaches Pre-K”.

  4. aleik03 Post author

    Kendra, you may be getting confused between Pre-K and Playschool. To teach in a Pre-K classroom you must have a B.Ed, Playschools or Pre-Schools tend to have ECE workers, or sometimes, people without schooling. I am unaware of the pay scale and I would be lying if I said I want to to teach Pre-K for the money. I love the program and I love the age group, which is why I’d like my own classroom one day, not the money. Pay scale would be something worth researching ifnit interests you, and please share your findings with me and others! I Posted the article to make people aware of this expansion and as well to show that Pre-K today is an early intervention program where they target “at risk” children. Many of us would have not qualified for this program. I seen first hand the wonders this program does for children, and I would love to be a part of it.


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